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Giga Face, a facial recognition system is capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital media source. Giga Face has specialized on detecting Asian faces catering local businesses. 

GIGA TEXT READER, an online OCR platform can digitally read different types of image files containing logos, tables, texts, pictures etc. to re-generate text in a format similar to the one in the input file.

Giga eKYC is designed to aid customer experience by saving implementation and verification time compared to traditional KYC while ensuring significant cost reduction from the business end.

Giga AML allows financial institutions to effectively detect, investigate and report suspicious money laundering activities to comply with current and future rules and guidelines of the institution.

Giga Speech provides two main functionalities one of which works as a speech recognition system. It converts Bangla written texts into speeches for integrating with external applications.

Giga Archive, an online/web based and offline applications and system to support mass Bangla scanned data digitization, indexing, searching, reusability, access control, data security and archiving.

Giga Voice is an easy-to-integrate online Speech to Text API converting spoken Bangla to written language. It can be used to operate devices, perform commands, or write without having to use keyboards.

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