The heart of Giga Tech is its R&D and Innovation vertical because we aim to become established as a global company from Bangladesh with flagship proprietary technologies. We want to bring in a positive change because we are convinced that there are many unexplored possibilities we can tap into in R&D. We develop solutions with a lot of know-how that can withstand reality and compress data to relevant information by using AI, ML, NLP, Data Analytics, RPA, etc. Solutions that enable innovation, but are always mature and efficient.

And that allows our customers to make the right decisions based on precise information in a digitized world. And so we will always be the perfect partner when it comes to providing sustainable access to meaningful technology solutions and services. We live on the adage, “Made in Bangladesh” and we develop proprietary solutions to position both Giga Tech & Bangladesh in the R&D sphere guided by the motto of building a truly “Digital Bangladesh”.

Our Product


AI and ML-driven solutions.
Deliver sophisticated & intelligent business outcomes.
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1st EKYC solution of Bangladesh piloted and deployed in Banks and 100% compliant as per EKYC policy and regulations of Bangladesh. Giga eKYC is designed to aid customer experience by saving implementation and verification time compared.

Giga AML allows financial institutions to effectively detect, investigate and report suspicious money laundering activities to comply with current and future rules and guidelines of the institution.

Giga Face, an online/web-based and offline application and system to support mass Face scanned data digitization, indexing, searching, reusability, access control, data security, and archiving.

Giga Speech provides two main functionalities one of which works as a speech recognition system. It converts Bangla written texts into speeches for integrating with external applications.

GIGA TEXT READER, an online OCR platform can digitally read different types of image files containing logos, tables, texts, pictures, etc. to re-generate text in a format similar to the one in the input file.

Giga Archive, an online/web based and offline applications and system to support mass Bangla scanned data digitization, indexing, searching, reusability, access control, data security and archiving.

Giga Voice is an easy-to-integrate online Speech to Text API converting spoken Bangla to written language. It can be used to operate devices, perform commands, or write without having to use keyboards.

On-Going Projects

BB 100 Medical Grade ICU Ventilator (Conventional), Manufactured in Bangladesh

GIGA Ventilator

Giga Tech in partnership with Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) initiated an R&D project to develop a prototype of an ICU Ventilator at end of March 2020.

Bangla Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Analysis Software in Bangla is an ongoing Government project where we partnered with Bangladesh Computer Council to implement computational linguistics and deep learning to determine the sentiment and emotion behind Bangla text. The main objective of Sentiment Analysis (also called opinion mining) is to enhance Bangla language processing through research & development of Bangla natural language processing. The major outputs from this project comprise an enhanced Sentiment Corpus, a large scale Bangla Language Model, a state of the art Sentiment Classification Model, and a sophisticated Emotion Classification Model.

  • Identifying opinion and emotions by processing huge amounts of data. 
  • Identifying the degree of customer satisfaction 
  • Tracking social media and audience insight.
  • Empowering market research and competitive analysis.
  • Measuring brand health and enhancing brand reputation.
  • Watching over the well being of a community.
  • Application of immediate actions against risks.
  • Assisting with further research on this area and language enhancement.

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