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Healthcare Technology

The Healthcare or Medical Industry is one of the largest growing industry all over the world as it is directly linked with human subsistence. The modern healthcare industry includes some essential branches which are services, products, and finance and it can also be divided into many sectors and categories depending on the interdisciplinary teams to meet health needs of individuals and populations. The health IT sector is growing, offering new opportunities to curve health care costs and improve patient support not only providing electronic health records but also simplifying the complexity of medical services.

Giga Tech focuses on supporting the Healthcare industry with Electronic Health Records (EHRs), Predictive Analytics of help identify patients who are at risk for chronic diseases and other medical conditions, appointment scheduling etc. Along with medical service solution, we provide software solutions so you can drive business forward locally and globally without the constant worry for risk management.

Bringing all Component of the Healthcare Ecosystem in the Same Network

Offering Health Tech Services

E-Patient History

Healthcare technology facilitates to store history of patients including diagnosis report, medication, etc.

Electronic Referral System

Easier and more manageable care system for the IT enable referral process.


Telemedicine enables patients to take consultation and prescription over long-distance calls from the doctors.

Doctor E-Appointment System

Smartphone enabled appointment scheduling avoiding physical visitation and long queue.

IOT Enable Diagnosis

IOT devices simplifying the process by reducing time & cost, increasing the facility to handle the data.

HT Management Support System

Easy monitoring the real-time status within a dashboard, helping to make quick decisions in crucial situations.

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