Healthcare Technology

The Healthcare and Medical Industry is one of the largest and vital industry all over the world as it is directly linked with human lives. The modern healthcare industry includes some essential branches which are services, products, and finance and it can also be divided into many sectors and categories depending on the interdisciplinary teams to meet health needs of individuals and populations.

HealthTech is growing, offering new opportunities to curve health care costs and improve patient support not only by providing healthcare service digitally and ensuring electronic health records but also simplifying the complexity of medical services. Giga Tech focuses on supporting the Healthcare industry both public and private healthcare system to address the gaps which now can be only tackled with the help of technology.

Technology and Ecosystem for delivering efficient and effective care that is proactive rather than reactive, to the urban and rural community (last mile) Private, PPP, and public health scalabilit
End to end Technology solution delivered via digital connected devices (mobile and browser) in the form of Platform as a Service enabled via IoT and other devices)
In partnership with global Healthcare leaders, Giga Tech has introduced an initiative to leverage technology deployment to improve service delivery, connect the functioning Health Posts across a unified system, that will help increase quality and expand e-health initiatives.
Health care availability where no practitioners available physically
Care access to citizens in remote areas whenever needed

Software Solutions

IOT Based Diagnosis

Medical Equipment

Disinfectant Equipment